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Global.Subway: The Official Survey Page links are available below to take Global.Subway.Com or TellSubway Survey.

Win a free cookie with a 1 Minute Survey of SubwayListens.Com (Www.Global.Subway.Com).

With the motto, We Listen & We Care, Subway officials conduct a survey to get genuine feedback from the customers.

TellSubway Survey gives the best opportunity for customers to get a free Cookie or Small fountain drink at your next visit.

Subway has branches all most all over the world. Hence it has several websites to allow people to take Survey.

subway restaurant front view

The people of the USA, Ca, India, UK, UAE, Australia, and other counties can take part in this Survey. Moreover, globally it is known as the Global Subway Survey (Www.Global.Subway.Com Survey).

Content Highlights:

  • Survey Details
  • Survey Rules.
  • Survey Preview
  • Personal Offers After Survey
  • Save Unique Subway Offer Code
  • Official Subway Survey Links
  • Global Subway Contact Details

Global.Subway.Com (Global Subway) Survey Details

Before proceeding to further, you should keep in your mind that, Subway wants your genuine feedback.

Kindly provide your honest opinions, so that the Subway restaurants will improve serving.

Survey Website:
Prize:Fountain Drink or Free Cookie
Receipt validity:5 days from the purchase
Entry Limit:Unlimited
Survey Name:SubwayListens or TellSubway
Survey Mode:Online

Global Subway Listens Survey Offer:

Enjoy your choice of a Free Small Fountain Drink or a cookie on us, with the purchase of any Sub, Flat Bread, or Salad.

Important Note:

Most Importantly, you need to write down a unique offer code that you will get at the end of the Survey. Note that code on your Subway receipt, and show that in your next visit at Subway, to get a free cookie or small fountain drink.

Subway Survey Unique Offer Code
Note Down Unique Offer Code

Official Global Subway Survey Links

Here are the official links useful to you when you are trying to take the Global Subway Survey (global.subway.com feedback).

Take Subway Listens Survey (Global.Subway.Com) here.

Global.Subway.Com Survey Rules

To take part in the Subway Listens Survey (Www.Global.Subway.Com), you have to follow certain rules.

  • A customer can take the global subway survey five times a month.
  • Every customer must provide a valid email-id while taking the globalsubway.com/survey.
  • Also, the customers must have the latest receipt to take the Subway Listens Survey.
  • The receipt which you have must not be older than 5 days.
  • To participate in the Global.Subway.Com survey, you must cross the age of 18.
  • Further, a customer has to redeem the subway survey coupon within the 30 days of taking the global.subway.com feedback survey.

Note: By following the above rules, you will get the Free Cookie and Fountain Drink.

Www.Global.Subway.Com – Global Subway Listens Survey Preview

Here, you will get the complete the Idea of what are the steps involved, how to proceed, how to note unique code, and lastly, how to redeem the survey offer.

Step 1: Visit Subway Listens Website at Subwaylistens.Com or Www.Global.Subway.Com Survey Homepage. Further, enter Subway store details and your details on the Homepage.

Global SubwayListens Home Page
SubwayListens.Com Home Page

Step 2: Leave your genuine feedback on the Subway Survey page (global.subway.com). Further, give your valuable opinion on various aspects.

Subwaylistens survey page
SubwayListens Survey Page

Step 3: Once the survey is over, you will get a unique offer code that can be redeemed while your next visit. Note down the code on your Subway receipt.

Unique Code after the survey
Unique Offer Code

Step 4: Finally, visit the nearest location of the Subway Restaurant with your receipt to redeem the survey offer prize.

RankCountryNumber of Subway Restaurants
1The United States25780
3The United Kingdom2380

How To Redeem SubwayListens Survey Offer Code?

After completion of the Subway Listens Survey (Www.global.subway.Com Encuesta), you will get an offer code at the end.

Thus, you can note the code on your receipt and show it to Subway sandwich artist to get a free small fountain drink or cookie.

Subway Restaurant History

A teacher and a student together started this restaurant, and now it is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world.

There are nearly 40000 Subway Stores present around the world. Whereas, the company headquarters is located in Milford, Connecticut.

The main success of the Subway Restaurant is for the delicious food which they provide.

So, some of the food items available at the Subway Restaurant are Subway Sandwich, Freshly baked muffin, Subway wrap, Cookies, Subway pizza items for sale, Subway salad, Baked fresh good.

No matter wherever you are, you can still find a subway restaurant at your nearby locations. If you are still facing issues to find the Subway Restaurants near your location, then, you can use the Store Locator.

Here is a table the demonstrates the count of Subway restaurants in countries wide.

Contact Details:

Phone: 1-888-445-9239

Email: privacyofficer@ipcoop.com

Value Pay Services LLC,
9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami,
Florida 33156.

For more updates on Subway, Please visit, Updates category and get to know Subway even more. If you are facing any sort of issue, then, comment below.

10 thoughts on “Www.Global.Subway.Com Survey 2021 – Global.Subway”

  1. So I have been going to Subway in Farmington for about four years now. And I must say I’m impressed with the workers there. The man on point was fast and efficient at his work. What I did notice was how impatient the other customers were. It is like they don’t have respect for the guy making your food.

  2. The two lady’s working had a very constant lunch rush with lines to the door, and they held it down wonderfully. And used incredible teamwork skills to be quick, efficient, and leave customers happy with smiles on their faces!

  3. I have been getting Subway gift cards for my employees for ten years now. Last Sunday (Dec. 8th) was the best experience I have ever had. My server was Alex, and he was so efficient and helpful. I was amazed. Usually, I dread the job because it takes so long, and sometimes a few tries. Alex was great! Can’t say enough good about him.

  4. Thanks to these beautiful people at our local Subway in Clinton, Massachusetts. I couldn’t ask for more delightful people and a more friendly service. I have enjoyed their Broccoli-Cheddar Soup for two winters now, and a small Veggie sub and they have been so helpful to me, as I am a senior citizen with medical issues.

  5. I am a frequent patron of Subway #13540-0 In Atoka, Tennessee. This evening, 3/23/2021, I entered the store for my usual sub, and there was a long line to the door. An older lady was at the counter, and she was giving the staff a tough time. She was yelling at them about her order but wasn’t making much sense. The Manager asked her not to yell and offered to come to the front of the store to ensure she had the right information to complete the woman’s order. When the manager arrived out front with a pad and paper and wrote the order where the woman could see it, this solution seemed to defuse the situation. Shortly thereafter, the woman left as a satisfied customer. I want to commend the manager and the rest of the staff for their patience and professionalism. I love going to this subway because of the quality of food and the great people that work there.

  6. We had Coldcut subway for lunch on 4-1, and the bun was so old and tough to bite we only ate the bottom bun. We have a subway at least once a week, but yesterday was disappointing. Usually good. It came from Subway,807 West Central, Carlisle, Ohio 45005.

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