Horse in Nova Scotia hits the Subway Restaurant and needs stitches

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Unfortunately, the Horse hits the Subway Restaurant’s glass in Lunenburg Nova Scotia, Canada.

Moving further, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) gave a statement about this news. He said that this incident took place around 12:30 PM on Montague St. in the town of Lunenburg.

According to him, the horse is frightened and stop running. At first, the horse hits the Subway Restaurant glass.

Later on, the horse hits the parked vehicle over there. Basically, the horse is carrying a buggy.

You can see this picture is trending on social media. We can see the visuals of the glass broken & an RCMP officer cleaning those glasses.

officer cleaning broken glass at subway
RCMP Officer Cleaning Glass

By the visuals, it is self-explanatory that the Horse might hit its head to the Glass of the restaurant.

broken glass of subway restaurant
Broken Glass Of Subway Restaurant

Whereas, there are two passengers in the buggy during this incident. Happily, both of them are safe. But, it was the horse who got an injury at the head.

With the latest news, the Horse is safe with a couple of stitches at the head part.

Owner Of Subway Restaurant Says

Furthermore, the owner of the Subway restaurant, Elsa Costie, said that there were no customers while this incident takes place. But, we heard a big glass shattering sound.

Adding to this, Costie also said that, the horse directly hits his head to the glass window.

Luckily, the horse is safe with a slight cut on his face. Immediately, the horse is taken to the hospital for the first-aid.

Whereas, the window which is broken is cleaned up, and will be replaced shortly.

Some of them on Twitter is talking in a funny way that, the horse is bored of eating hay. So, it tries to get fresh food at the Subway restaurant.

The horse tour operator speaking with the CBC News stated that the horse has only a minor cut on his face, and will be recovered soon.

It was the local vet who helps the horse to recover by giving a few stitches. Also, he said that he would take more protection in the coming day.

We knew that subway is one of the larger fast-food restaurants in the Canada & United States. Whereas, it has almost 48,000 restaurants all over the world.

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