Oakland Cop is Now A Subway Franchise Owner – True Story

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This is a true story of the Kiesha Haggerty, who works at Oakland, Calif., as a police department. Also, she is the owner of the Subway franchise.

She enjoys her work, as both the works are connecting with the customers. Moreover, she enjoys serving the local community.

She never forgets the Police department, of course, her job made her a daily customer at the Subway. Thus, the Police Department, Subway, & herself has a separate bonding with one other.

Oakland cop is now a subway franchise
Oakland Cop Now A Subway Franchise

She opens her first Subway in the year 2018, and it is a huge success. After that, she’s working on her second store.

However, Kiesha Haggerty is planning to open her second store as the Subway’s rollout new concept “Fresh Forward.”

Thus, with this new concept of Fresh Forward, you can get a redesigned store which focuses more on the customer’s satisfaction. Also, she is thinking about the new Subway Program of Fresh Start.

Although, she says that, she has many goals and plans to maintain 10-20 stores of her own.

Kiesha Haggerty First Impression About Subway Franchise

Kiesha Haggerty has faced many odds in her early carrier. At an early age, she becomes a mother. She did her schooling and worked in many jobs. Finally, at 19, she joins as the Oakland PD.

Kiesha Haggerty
Kiesha Haggerty

During her law enforcement career, she passes many fast-food restaurants out of which Subway is the best restaurant which provides nutritious food.

The following words are from Kiesha Haggerty, One fine day I went to the Subway Restaurant for taking food. While eating the food, I felt the food is much delicious and the restaurant environment is peaceful.

So, I felt that I could do it. Then, immediately, I went home and wrote an interest form. Luckily, within a week, one of the persons from the headquarters of the Subway approached me.

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More About Kiesha Haggerty As Subway Franchise

Kiesha deals very well with the customers. She has many of the good customers and bad customers. As she works in the Police Department, she knows how to deal with all the odds.

Subway Team
Subway Team

We have six employees in our subway store, all the employees are well trained. I always look for the people who are passionate to work in any condition.

Furthermore, all the employees which I hire are teachable & willing to learn more.

Final Words

Kiesha adds that she is very happy to open the Subway in another location. Also, said that, she has a plan to own 10 to 20 subway’s.

When I started my carrier as franchise, there were no one to help me. So, one has to plan his own success. Concluding this, success is not easy, but at the same time it is not hard too.

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