Another Robbery Case Filed At Subway Restaurant

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Within a span of a week, there is yet another robbery case is filed at the Subway Restaurant.

While moving forward, Bennington Felon is the area which the incident took place. Within a short span of time, it was the third incident happened in the same area.

Moreover, the following incident took place on a Friday night around 10:30 PM at Bennington. According to the Police Department of Bennington, they got a call from the local people around 10:30 PM.

Subway Restaurant
Subway Restaurant

A man rushed into the Subway Restaurant with his face uncovered. Soon after entering the restaurant, he covered his face with his shirt.

The Det. Sgt. Larry Cole, one of the members of the police department said that a thief is demanding the money by pretending that he is having a firearm.

To be frank, he doesn’t have any of the Fire Arms with him, said by Det. Sgt. Larry Cole. Adding to that, Cole said that, he doesn’t have a gun, but, he pretends as if he has a gun by keeping a hand in his pocket.

From the reports from the witnesses, the thief is Zachary Dumas (age 33) of Bennington who is already in the supervision.

Zachary Dumas
Zachary Dumas

Bennington Police About The Robbery

Bennington Police has kept a Facebook Post regarding the robbery at the Subway Restaurant.

Further, they posted that, Dumas did a robbery at the Subway Restaurant on June 7th. Also, they add that there are a couple of robberies takes place on May 24 & May 29.

In addition to that, the Police Department posted a video about the robbery that takes place previously. Also, asks the people to intimate if they find any clue regarding the case.

Further, asking the public to help the investigators by giving some essential information.

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Police Department About Thief Dumas

Bennington police still believe that, Dumas is still within the area. On march 6th, he got release from Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility. Again he got house arrest in Bennington, said by the district manager of Bennington.

From the years between 2011 to 2018, Dumas has many cases for many reasons. Some of the reasons are violating an abuse prevention order, unlawful trespass, violating rules of release, & retail theft.

Cole also said that, they will get a full support from the Public to catch the Dumas. Also, it’s the Police Department job to restrict these type of incidents.

He also said that, these type of robberies is not over yet, but we will try to eradicate them.

Subway Is Improving the Security:

With all the above incidents, the Subway Restaurant is increasing the security measures. They are increasing the business hours and increasing the staff.

Subway restaurant entrance
Subway Restaurant Entrance


Bennington Police Department is very enthusiastic to catch the robbery soon. So, they are planning in many ways to catch the thief. Also, they are giving the phone numbers for direct contact.

Bennington Police Department Phone Number: (802) 442-1030.

Also, you can shoot your messages to the Facebook page. Else, you can give anonymous tips to the Department @

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