Subway Offers Aladdin Movie Tickets with Fresh Fit For Kids Meals

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Buy Fresh Fit For Kids Meals at Subway Restaurant, & get a chance to win Free Movie Tickets For Disney’s Aladdin Movie.

Eating delicious food with much heal benefits is much important for everyone. Especially for small children, it is important to eat good nutritious food.

Subway restaurant always comes with new ideas. This time, it has come up with an offer for kids i.e, Disney Aladdin Movie Ticket for small children.

subway eat fresh
Subway Eat Fresh

In this spring, all the parents won’t be bothered about visiting the places for night-outs. Because the Subway Restaurant offers all the children an excellent feel-good movie (Disney’s Aladdin Movie) with the purchase of Fresh Fit For Kids Meals.

Subway Offers Aladdin Movie ticket
Subway Offers Aladdin Movie Ticket

The Disney’s Aladdin movie will be in theaters from 24th of May. Moreover, the special show for the kids will be on 27th of June.

So, buy Subway Fresh Fit For Kids® meal and avail a great opportunity to win one child’s movie ticket.

Subway Restaurant keeps the traditional way of making the fast-food aside and brings the fresh made sandwich, salad, and wrap combinations. Whereas, it also includes Fresh Fit For Kids Meals.

The kid’s meals include plenty of proteins in it. Also, the kid’s meals have fresh veggies, whole grain certified bread, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and there are no sugar beverages.

Further, Every Kids meal has 1% low-fat milk, or Honest Kids® juice, & with a 100% fruit side.

About Subway Restaurant & Disney’s Aladdin

Subway is one of the topmost fast-food restaurants in the world. With more than 46,000 restaurants, it gives an excellent dining experience for the visitors/customers.

Subway is famous for providing delicious submarine sandwiches and salads. As of now, the Subway is one of the fastest growing fast-food restaurants in the world.

Subway’s recently kept a mission to eradicate hunger. For that, they are conducting hunger relief programs around the world.

Aladdin is a 2019 musical classic movie, the director for the Aladdin movie is Guy Ritchie. Whereas, the production for the Aladdin movie is Walt Disney Pictures.

Furthermore, the Aladdin movie name comes from the Disney’s 1992 animated film of the same name. Also, it gives the tribute to the Robin Williams.

From May 24, 2019, the Aladdin movie screens in theaters. So, have a Fresh Fit For Kids Meals at the Subway Restaurant and get an excellent opportunity to win Aladdin Movie Tickets.

The above information is true, I have given this information from the official subway page. So, study this article and avail the offer.

Visit the official Subway Fresh Fits For Kids official page.

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