Subway® Teams Up With King’s Hawaiian® To Bring Freshly Baked Bread

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It is mouthwatering news for food lovers. Now, the Subway® restaurants and King’s Hawaiian® restaurants are teaming up to give all the customers delicious dishes.

The iconic Subway restaurant is conducting some tests over the bread of the King’s Hawaiian in three different cities in the United States. Whereas, the tests will be starting from June 27th.

The Subway restaurants are going to taste these pieces of bread in following areas Champaign, Illinois, Reno, Nevada, and Richmond, & Virginia.

Delicious Sandwich

King’s Hawaiian provides breads with sweet taste. Are you found of sweet breads, then, the bread from King’s Hawaiian will attract you a lot.

Moreover, the happy news for all the food lovers is, King’s Hawaiian is in collaboration with the Subway. So, you can get the bread of King’s Hawaiian in Subway with more additional taste & size.

The Size of the bread is 8-inches with additional flavors added to it. Further, the additional thing is, these pieces of bread will be baked at the Subway Restaurants. This is the first time, the Subway is making its own food.

This is a great move from the Subway team, as the subway closes more than 1000 restaurants in 2018.

About The New Sandwich (Size & Shape)

All the new sandwiches which are available at the Subway are freshly baked at the Subway restaurant.

Also, the Subway is the first ever restaurant to serve the King’s Hawaiian® bread in this way, said by Subway’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer.

Well, there are two iconic recipes available. The first one is NEW! Turkey, Bacon & Provolone, and the second recipe is NEW! Ham & Swiss.

Before discussing those recipes separately, there is a common thing, i.e., We have a significant portion as meat and double the cheese. (50% meat with 6 inches of sandwich)

Subway Kings Hawaiian Sandwich
Subway Kings Hawaiian Sandwich

The two recipes are

  1. New! Turkey, Bacon & Provolone.
  2. New! Ham & Swiss.

Therefore, let us check the recipes of both of them.

New Turkey, Bacon & Provolone:

Savory turkey, bacon, lettuce, provolone cheese, tomatoes, and mayo piled on the freshly baked King’s Hawaiian 8″ bread.

New Ham & Swiss:

The recipes for new ham & swiss are Ham, Swiss cheese, Spinach, tomatoes, and mayo on freshly baked King’s Hawaiian 8″ bread.

Subway offers all the customers a new iconic sandwiches. Subway’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer said that we are the first persons to serve the above varieties.

Further, the Mark Taira, CEO of King’s Hawaiian says that, we are very happy to work with the Subway. Also, said that, it is always an unique opportunity to bake fresh King’s Hawaiian bread with the Subway.

According to the reports, these delicious sandwiches will be available from September 4 hopefully. After that, we can see sandwiches in more stores nationwide.

Subway Store
Subway Store

I think this is a great move by both Subway & King’s Hawaiian. I hope, with this, the business may grow rapidly high.

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