Subway Giving $10,000 For Remodeling Grants – Fresh Start Program

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Subway grants a $10,000 for all the franchisees to remodel nearly 5,400 aging stores.

Subway recently launches a new multi dollar program to recover one fourth of the cost for remodeling the aging stores.

Further, the grants are not yet confirmed, but, it is under process. By the next year, all the franchisees will get the amount of nearly $10,000.

The name of the above redesign Program is Fresh Start. Moreover, the main intention of the program is to make the old stores run with hemorrhaging sales.

Subway Redesign
Subway Redesign

What is Fresh Start?

Fresh Start is a program introduces by the Subway to redesign the old stores. Moreover, this program is introduced a year back, which is successful.

Further, there are slight changes in this remodel program. The changes which they did are new lighting fixtures, floor overlay, upgraded sandwich, Subway’s three-year-old logo.

Subway's Fresh Start
Subway’s Fresh Start

The Fresh Start Program is one of the newer and best programs until now. As the major success of the program is based on the floor overlay. With these modifications, the restaurant looks like a newly opened store.

Have your heard about the Fresh Forward Scheme?

It is also a type of the scheme similar to the Fresh Start? The only difference among both the programs is the cost.

The Ground up locations cost for the Fresh Start program will be nearly $40,000, whereas for the Fresh Forward comprises nearly $200,000 and $300,000.

Did you know that, Subway Closes more than 1000 Restaurants.

Brief Details About Fresh Start & Fresh Forward Schemes

For many years there is only one program i.e, Fresh Forward. But, now many are choosing the Fresh Start Program. As the remodel cost of it is pretty lower. All of these words are said by the Fertman (a 38-year Subway veteran).

As of now, 1300 Subway restaurants are ready for remodeling their restaurant. Moreover, the subway company owners are still looking for more offers. So that, they can offer more offers for the franchisees.

Subway Fresh Forward
Subway Fresh Forward

Recently on Monday i.e, 10th June 2019 there are 5,100 operators are looking for the grants. Further, all of these operators are choosing the Fresh Start Program.

Furthermore, all of the above operators will get $10,000 if they qualify for the basic requirements.

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Subway’s Spokesperson Kevin Words

Kevin with the Fertman said that, closing and relocating locations is primarily based on the companies policies.

Adding to the above statement, Kevin said that, we follow certain policies according to the Subway’s market. So, relocating locations is an essential step for us.

In the year 2018, there is a 4.3% drop in Subway restaurant in the United States. Almost 1200 restaurants are closed.

Kevin & Fertman also said that the company won’t mind how many stores are closing. As it’s main focus is to serve better food to the customers.

The Subway is a 55 year old company. So, for a big company like Subway downfall in some areas is quite an common issue. Further, in the ongoing time, the closed restaurant will open again.

Hence, due to all the above reasons, Subway offers the Fresh Start Program & $10,000 for low-cost remodels.

Finally, the Fresh Start Program is a “Fresh Start Of A New Era Of Subway Restaurant.”

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